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    5600W Huge power 15KHz ultrasonic welding machine

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    1. Japan (IKO) precision guide rail. Germany imported (FESTO) pneumatic components and operations control system.

    2. PLC man-machine interface and control system.

    3. Japanese NTK double vibration transducer matching titanium alloy steel amplitude modulator.

    4. Square columns and steel frame which can keep stable under the high pressure fast running state. It will not appear bending backward phenomenon.

    5. Digital intelligent control system, frequency automatic scanning and tracking locking system, power output and precision control of time, ensure can well finish different kinds of products in stable operation.

    6. Using the latest overload protection system, deal with the mould and the external factors caused the main components such as motherboard, power control system of plate damage, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment properly.

    7. Large one-piece work platform. Dual boot mode to ensure safe operation.

    8. Provide 7 groups of different amplitude output options, effectively cope with a variety of different materials, welding different sizes of products, provide the most suitable for accurate energy, reduce product burn, shock wear, as well as the false welding phenomenon.

    9. Wide band design, it is suitable for difference kinds of welding horn, 14.600 KHZ to 15.200 KHZ and recommend the best working point at 14.900 KHZ, a total of 600 Hz width are suitable for all kinds of manufacturers and old or new horn.

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