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Five values of Dinuo

2017-08-28 17:13:23 DELOK ULTRASONIC

Result-oriented: only the results, regardless of the reasons.

Customer-oriented: the customer is the first wealth of Reno, all customers as a work center.

Competitor orientation: learning competitors is our means to improve their own; beyond the competitors is our goal.

Efficiency and speed: Each employee is focused on the efficiency and speed of work, not wasting colleagues with their own time.

Imitation and innovation: good at imitation, imitation is learning, but also in the imitation of continuous innovation, to make the characteristics of Po Tak own.

Good people culture: in the company, at work, the company, the colleagues, must be a good person; the customer, in line with the basic interests of the company under the premise, should do its best, reflect the essence of good culture.

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