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Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy Inspector Liu Jiangui inspection

2017-08-28 17:11:47 DELOK ULTRASONIC

LED general lighting has become the most market potential of the industry hot spots. Philips announced in 2009 will be the main LED home lighting market, Zhejiang enterprises, Jiangsu Shi Ford, Ningbo Liaoyuan, Shanghai Yaming and other traditional light source companies have launched their own representative of the LED lighting products. The traditional light industry to join the LED industry to promote healthy competition, but also improve the domestic LED industry chain in the application of the overall level.

The expansion of the domestic market and the promulgation of a series of LED standards will also promote China's LED industry to the healthy and orderly direction.

From the 2008 LED market applications, LED indicators, LED display, mobile phone keyboard and camera flash and LCD backlighting sales of the first four areas. In 2008, LED lights began to emerge, Dongguan Shek Pai nearly ten thousand LED lights and Shandong Weifang High-tech Zone more than 10,000 LED lights successfully completed the transformation, Dalian Wafangdian City, energy-saving street project has been set to enable LED lights.

It is understood that the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will also become a new round of urban infrastructure and sports venues construction and update the center, which will use a large area of LED energy-saving products.


A bright future of the LED industry has made China's LED industry has always been plagued by patent issues. August 30 last year, there are six Chinese LED companies accused of alleged patent infringement, which will face the US International Trade Commission "337 investigation." In accordance with the "337 terms", if the plaintiff wins, the general exclusion order issued, the defendant's entire LED lighting industry, the upper and lower reaches of the product can not enter the United States. Fortunately, the final settlement. But the Chinese enterprises have also fallen into the main products that rely on the added value of export products is not high, it is difficult to carry out the accumulation of technology, vicious competition of domestic enterprises vicious circle.

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