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Senior management staff outdoor development training activities

2017-08-28 17:10:34 DELOK ULTRASONIC

China's LED packaging and application of enterprises, mainly to private enterprises, enterprises faster growth rate of foreign products, technology, a strong ability to imitate, only a few companies with independent innovation capability. 2008 "337" incident to the Chinese LED industry sounded the alarm.

For enterprises, the patent is a double-edged sword, on the one hand it is the company's product development, manufacturing, sales and other business activities set a lot of fetters and restrictions, on the other hand it is the enterprise's intellectual property innovation is a kind of protection. Guangdong Province, the first LED industry alliance chairman, chairman of Dongguan on the photoelectric Co., Ltd. Li Xu Liang said: "LED products have been unable to large-scale use of home lighting, largely affected by the price, LED chip products Most of the dependence on imports is the key to high prices of LED lights, so increase the LED application technology research and development efforts, with its own core technology and scale production is a key step in the development of LED industry.

Let the intelligence go deep into the city life

There will be many new cities around the world, and the global population is constantly increasing, so there is a need for an intelligent network. How will Cisco's commitment to invest $ 16 billion in China for five years? Cisco's goal is consistent with the objectives of ministries such as the China Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. Cisco wants to make a difference in the construction of urban intelligent networks. While the city's electricity consumption, energy consumption, pollution, etc. will be affected by the impact of intelligent city. Intelligent urbanization can reduce the use of 20% of the city, 30% of the use of energy; a 5 million population of the city, through intelligent methods to make the city's revenue growth of 15 billion US dollars, GDP 20 years to achieve 50% growth.

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