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Principle of ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding principle:

Through the ultrasonic vibration of the electronic energy can be converted into mechanical energy, and then by the welding head (HORN) to convey energy to the plastic bow and arrow only contact surface, so that molecules and molecules between the intense friction and heat generation principle, to promote the product instantly melting and combined as a whole, Processing speed, clean, beautiful, economical.

Welding range: toy industry, stationery industry, home appliances industry, electronics industry, food industry, communications industry, transportation industry.

Ultrasonic welding example:

Commodity industry: powder box, make-up mirror, hair comb, lock ring, insulation Cup, sealed containers, seasoning bottles, water pipes,

Caps, food containers, etc ...

Toy industry: all kinds of ball toys, stationery, water guns, plastic gifts, musical toys, and all kinds of plastic toys ... and so on.

Electrical industry: electronic clock, steam iron, vacuum cleaners, telephone, computer keyboard, electric fans, batteries ... and so on.

Automobile manufacturing industry: direction lights, according to the mirror, all kinds of plastic products ... and so on.

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